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In Game Kits Info:

Chat Commands:

  • /kit – Show all kits
  • /kit  – redeem the kit
  • /buykit   – buy a kit (if kit has price)


Example: /kit ptera

Kit nameinfoprice (if for sale)
starterPike, Metal Hatchet, Metal Pick, Hide armors set. 2 free uses per wipe.15
pteralvl 70 Ptera + saddle.(Off on Aberration) 1 free use per wipe.
baseFew things to get small starter base done. 2 free uses per Wipe.

In Game Shop info:

Servers are in cluster, but its complicated to fuse all of them with same points system, so in each server, points counts different, and donation to each server is separate, but you can always buy anything in server you have points and just transfer to server you want on obelisks, since its cluster!

You can donate for points here!

Chat Commands:

  • /points – show current amount of points you have
  • /buy   – buy the item from shop
  • /trade <‘IngameName ‘>   – Send points to other player (‘ ‘ – are necessary)
  • /shop  – show a list of available items in the shop

Some examples and info how to correctly use commands:

Buying Dinos:

-Dino buy example: /buy quetz this command would buy you a quetzal from shop and dino would be spawned right in front of you.

-Dino’s spawned in tamed. You CANNOT choose gender, it is random every time, same with stats.

-Make sure you are OUTSIDE when spawning a dino. Even if you have a dino pen, its best to spawn outside.

-Dinos come in max wild lvl with best possible real taming, so they same lvl as you would tame them in the wild with best taming effectiveness.

-Before you spawn in water dinos, make sure you are underwater, not on surface and best is to aim down before spawning.


Buying items/materials from shop:

With the stack mod, buying multiple items that cannot correctly stack will auto delete any item in excess amounts. For example, If you buy metal ingots which is /buy metal1k 20 it would buy 20,000 metal ingots, but since metal ingots only stacks in 5000, the 15,000 would get automatically deleted. So instead, if you want 20k, do /buy metal1k 1 – 20 times in chat or however many time you wish, also for exactly 20k metal ingots, we could use /buy metal10k 1 – 2 times, since we have shop item for 10k metal. So in conclusion ONLY USE 1 IN AMOUNT AND YOU WILL HAVE NO PROBLEMS.


Example: /buy metal10k 1

Only use amount as 1, so will have no problems!

metal10kMetal Ingots (10000)600
metal5kMetal Ingots (5000)350
metal1kMetal Ingots (1000)80
cp10kCementing Paste (10000)600
cp5kCementing Paste (5000)350
cp1kCementing Paste (1000)80
electro10kElectronics (10000)1300
electro5kElectronics (5000)700
electro1kElectronics (1000)170
poly10kPolymer (10000)1300
poly5kPolymer (5000)700
poly1kPolymer (1000)170
pearls10kSilica Pearls (10000)700
pearls5kSilica Pearls (5000)400
pearls1kSilica Pearls (1000)100
crystal1kCrystal (1000)150
blackpearl100Black Pearl (100)180
narcotic500Narcotics (500)100
narcotic5kNarcotics (5000)400
sap150Sap (150)150
sap300Sap (300)300
fertilizer30Fertilizer (30)150
mindwipeMindwipe Tonic50
svcakeSweet Vegetable Cake30
milkWyvern Milk10
oil5kOil (5000)350
oil1kOil (1000)80


Gives experience for max your or dino you sitting on level.

/buy exp

Price 150 Points


Example: /buy arb30k 1

Only use amount as 1, so will have no problems!

arb200Advanced Rifle Bullet (200)20
arb2kAdvanced Rifle Bullet (2000)200
arb12kAdvanced Rifle Bullet (12000)800
arb30kAdvanced Rifle Bullet (30000)2000
asb200Advanced Sniper Bullet (200)50
heavy10Heavy Auto Turret (10)1200
auto10Auto Turrets S+(10)400
auto25Auto Turrets S+(25)800
auto60Auto Turrets S+(60)1600
auto100Auto Turrets S+(100)2600
plantx10X Plants intsa grow seeds (10)80
plantx50X Plants intsa grow seeds (50)300
plantx100X Plants intsa grow seeds (100)500


Example: /buy quetz

Example: /buy quetzsaddle 1

CODENAMEPRICE Saddle CodeSaddle Price
ankyAnkylosaurus MAX450ankysaddle20
argentArgentavis MAX450argentsaddle20
achatinaAchatina MAX200
allosaurusAllosaurus MAX500allosaurussaddle20
anglerAnglerfish MAX400
araneoAraneo MAX400araneosaddle20
archaArchaeopteryx MAX300
arthroArthropluera MAX400arthrosaddle30
baryonyxBaryonyx MAX400baryonyxsaddle30
basiloBasilosaurus MAX400basilosaddle30
beelzeBeelzebufo MAX400beelzesaddle20
brontoBrontosaurus MAX600brontosaddle50
carboCarbonemys MAX400carbosaddle20
carnoCarnotaurus MAX500carnosaddle30
beaverGiant Beaver MAX400beaversaddle30
chalicoChalicotherium MAX450chalicosaddle30
compyCompy MAX250
daeodonDaeodon MAX450daeodonsaddle30
diloDilophosaur MAX250
dimetroDimetrodon MAX300
dimorphDimorphodon MAX200
diplocaulusDiplocaulus MAX350
diplodocusDiplodocus MAX450diplodocussaddle40
direbearDirebear MAX450direbearsaddle30
direwolfDirewolf MAX450
dodoDodo MAX150
doediDoedicurus MAX450doedisaddle30
dungDung Beetle MAX250
dunkleDunkleosteus MAX400dunklesaddle30
eelElectrophorus MAX400
equusEquus MAX400equussaddle20
unicornEquus Unicorn MAX450
galliGallimimus MAX450gallisaddle30
beeGiant Bee MAX300
gigaGiganotosaurus MAX1100gigasaddle50
bigfootGigantopithecus MAX450
griffinGriffin MAX900
hespeHesperornis MAX250
hyaenHyaenodon MAX350
ichthyIchthy MAX400ichthysaddle20
ichthyornisIchthyornis MAX300
iguanIguanodon MAX400iguansaddle20
jerboaJerboa!!! MAX200
kairukuKairuku MAX250
kaproKaprosuchus MAX400kaprosaddle20
kentroKentrosaurus MAX400
lystroLystrosaurus MAX250
mammothMammoth MAX450mammothsaddle30
mantaManta MAX400mantasaddle30
mantisMantis MAX650mantissaddle30
megalaniaMegalania MAX450megalaniasaddle30
megalocerosMegaloceros MAX400megalocerossaddle20
megalodonMegalodon MAX450megalodonsaddle30
megalosaurusMegalosaurus MAX450megalosaurussaddle30
megatheriumMegatherium MAX450megatheriumsaddle30
monkeyMesopithecus MAX250
microraptorMicroraptor MAX300
mosasaurusMosasaurus MAX600mosasaddle50
moschopsMoschops MAX400
onycOnyc MAX300
oviraptorOviraptor MAX350
ovisOvis MAX400
pachyPachy MAX350pachysaddle20
pachyrhinoPachyrhinosaurus MAX400pachyrhinosaddle20
paracerParacer MAX500paracersaddle35
pegomastaxPegomastax MAX400
pelagornisPelagornis MAX450pelagornissaddle25
phiomiaPhiomia MAX400phiomiasaddle20
plesioPlesiosaur MAX500plesiosaddle45
procoptodonProcoptodon MAX400procoptodonsaddle30
pteraPteranodon MAX450pterasaddle20
scorpionPulmonoscorpius MAX400scorpionsaddle20
purloviaPurlovia MAX450
quetzQuetzal MAX650quetzsaddle55
raptorRaptor MAX350raptorsaddle20
rexRex MAX600rexsaddle35
rockRock Elemental MAX(Ragnarok only)1000rocksaddle30
saberSabertooth MAX450sabersaddle30
sarcoSarco MAX450sarcosaddle20
spinoSpino MAX500spinosaddle30
stegoStegosaurus MAX400stegosaddle20
tapejaraTapejara MAX450tapesaddle30
terrorTerror Bird MAX400terrorsaddle20
therizinoTherizinosaur MAX550therizinosaddle30
thylacoleoThylacoleo MAX450thylacoleosaddle30
trikeTrike MAX400trikesaddle20
troodonTroodon MAX500
tusoTusoteuthis MAX700tusosaddle35
rhinoWoolly Rhino MAX500rhinosaddle35
yutyrannusYutyrannus MAX550yutyrannussaddle35
lightningwyvernLightning Wyvern (Ragnarok only)MAX800
firewyvernFire Wyvern MAX(Ragnarok only)800
poisonwyvernPoison Wyvern MAX(Ragnarok only)800
icewyvernIce Wyvern MAX(Ragnarok only)800

Loot Crates:

Example: /buy sealoot

sealootDeep Sea Loot Crate80
More will come


Example: /buy tools


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