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All Cluster servers Rules:

1. Hacking, using exploits, duping is strictly forbidden.

2. No Building on Obelisks, Artifact Caves, Deep Sea Loot Crates.

2.1 Island: Building on the pinguine/ice islands is forbidden.

2.2 Aberration: Do not block the openings to the surface.

3. Respect players in the global chat and the local. Don’t insult other players. No racism, sexism.

4. Do not spam in the servers.

4.1 NO pillar/foundation spam. Clean up taming pens after use. If you are found in violation of this rule, the destroytribestructures command may be used.

5. Do not put players in prison or keep them tranq for more than 60min! During a raid you are allowed to cafe them for the whole raid duration.

6. The game still have lots of bugs so the Admins will NOT replace ANYTHING lost to BUGS or ROLLBACK.

7. Placing Refrigerators (or similar) near enemy bases to protect against turrets is strictly prohibited.

Admin do not play on the server.

Violations may result in a temporary suspension or a permanent ban.

I do not accept hearsay as proof. You must submit a picture or video of the rule violation in order for me to take action.

Rules can be changed at any time, so keep checking them.


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